Letters to the Editor

Finding a way ahead for a state team for Ballarat

As author of "Roosters: from Gumboots to Glory 1882-2002", a North Ballarat member and a keen Australian Rules supporter, I have watched with dismay events at the North Ballarat Football Club. It is sad that North Ballarat no longer has a VFL licence. Board members have made poor decisions resulting in the loss of Gerard Fitzgerald as VFL coach, the former CEO Mark Patterson and a number of club sponsors.

Earlier this year, former president of 14 years, Peter Wilson assembled a strong team of potential Directors to rescue the club, yet a few shortsighted Directors used a 'technicality' to block their election. Most of all, I feel sad for coach Marc Greig and the current VFL Roosters players and I hope they all have success in finding a forward path in the future. Ballarat is in need of a VFL team and maybe in the future, an AFL team.

On radio, AFL CEO Gil McLachlan stated that Ballarat needs a team and pointed out that the Bulldogs presence in Ballarat is important. It is to be hoped that soon a keen group of administrators, supporters and sponsors is assembled to build a new Western Victoria team and win back the VFL licence.

SAD DAY: A once great football team has been dismissed from the state league and the repercussions have been felt far and wide.

SAD DAY: A once great football team has been dismissed from the state league and the repercussions have been felt far and wide.

Phil Roberts OAM, Lake Wendouree

What an absolute tragedy that North Ballarat have been booted from the VFL. What a loss to the Ballarat and Western Victorian community. A leader in sporting administration for so many years, an example of what dedication and voluntary work can do to enhance the environment for the youngsters and teens to look towards achieving a dream of competing at a sporting level at the highest level. I have been remote from the club for many years but this happening tears me apart. The individuals responsible for the club instability have a lot to answer for.

Brian Eddy, Captain 1970 Premiership Team, Kingscliff.

Can't help but not be surprised that this is the outcome, when North Melbourne were done over by the council and North Ballarat Board, in favor of the Western Bulldogs, who were not going to provide players to the Roosters, because they already had their own side.

Maurice Morel, Sebastopol

Historic Building in limbo

I hope our Councillors have driven past the North Gardens in recent weeks and seen the wreck which has been sitting there on a trailer for weeks. It would be a travesty to put that wreck back in our beautiful Botanical Gardens. Put it somewhere in the North Gardens out of the way if you will, but please do not defile the Botanical Gardens.

Bill Crawford, Wendouree

Netball left out again

On arriving at Central Highlands Football Netball League Grand Final at Mars Stadium, it was impressive to see the new football ground and extensive seating, so I was excited to see what improvements had been made to netball facilities. Excitement soon turned to disappointment! A netball court eclipsed by a million dollar concrete structure with no shelter for players, and no seating or shelter for the spectators. The 'standing room only' area had been significantly reduced due to stairways built to access corporate boxes for football. After all these years of people trying to put netball on the same page as football, I could not believe that no one involved in this development took any consideration into improving netball facilities. The players deserve better! And so do their spectators.

Carmel Conroy, Bunding.

A Notice issued by Sir Charles Hotham, Governor of Victoria, around December, 1854, has Ballarat was spelled "Ballaarat". This was the date of the Eureka Stockade (regarded by many as the birthplace of Australian democracy) on the goldfields of Ballarat.  I would be interested to hear of the reason(s) for the change of name and the year in which the change of name took place.

Michael J Gamble, Belmont