Two swans hit by car around Lake Wendouree, claims witness

A retiree has claimed a driver deliberately ran over two swans along Lake Wendouree’s edge recently, severely injuring the animals.

John* said he was sitting with his wife on Wendouree Parade near the Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial when several cars slowed down, allowing two adult swans to cross the road about 5pm on Thursday.

But then a black Ford Territory driving north suddenly swerved into the path of the swans, hitting them both as they let out shrieks of pain.

“It looked like the Ford accelerated, the brake lights didn’t come up,” John said. 

“Both swans got hit – one on the car’s front grill and the other one went underneath.”

More than 10 shocked onlookers ran over to help the swans as the offending vehicle drove away. 

An ambulance happened to be driving past and a paramedic got out, lifting the injured swans onto a nearby footpath.

John said he was left shaken by the incident.

“I’m not particularly an animal lover, but it was disturbing to see that happen,” he said.

“My wife was distressed, she hardly slept that night.

“The one that got run over, it looked like it had suffered internal injuries and a broken wing.”

Ballarat City Council’s director of infrastructure and development, Terry Demeo, said he was aware of the incident. 

“City of Ballarat immediately informed DELWP of the incident, and provided the car’s details,” he said.

“We were advised by DELWP that their compliance officers would make contact with the owner of the vehicle.”

*Name changed to protect privacy