Another couple falls victim to Tangled Maze bankruptcy



A couple whose wedding was cancelled at The Tangled Maze say they were left $3000 out of pocket when the business went into liquidation.

Brendan Elliott said he and his fiancee Alex Colley-Curtin received only half of their $6000 payment back from the Creswick venue.

“The full invoice was paid out at $6000, but we only received a cheque for $3000,” he said.

“I went out there personally and spoke to Noel the owner, I went with the letter and the cheque for $3000 and the full invoice for $6000.

“He told me I would need to show proof of payment, to which I said, ‘this is a $6000 invoice of payment to your company’.”

Mr Elliott also went to his bank to confirm the payments had been made, but said The Tangled Maze’s owners were no longer returning his calls.

Owner Noel Morrison said deposits were refunded for all current bookings to the best of his knowledge.

“There is one in dispute, that needs to be sorted out, but they can take that up with the liquidators,” he said.

The sister of a soon-to-wed bride vented her anger on Tuesday at the lack of communication from The Tangled Maze management about their situation.

Mr Elliott said he had three children and a fourth on the way, so losing $3000 would hit hard.

“It is pretty upsetting considering we have our fourth child due at the end of this year,” he said.

“We have had to save more money because it is a high risk pregnancy and my partner will have to take unpaid leave.

“So not only are we out $3000, we have to look at using the money we have saved up, or she is going to have push on and work that extra bit.”

Couples affected by the closure have desperately been trying re-plan weddings, with one scheduled for as soon as October 7.

Another couple said they had eight weeks to reorganise before 20 family members flew in from Scotland.

Both couples said they had positive responses from venues while trying to re-book their weddings.