Letters to the Editor

A new look at AFL statistics

The current crop of AFL footballers are inefficient at playing with wasted opportunities, poor kicking, and the teams and matches seem to be mismatched. They are paid, hired hands, not always delivering what their boss wants. Each week sees a 50% failure rate. Even V/Line's efficiency rate is over 90%. A draw is to break even, but V/Line will never do that. At the end of the year, only one team from 16 emerges as successful, i.e. 6.25% is a low rate. V/Line may never reach that hopefully. Where an industry has a shortage of skilled workers, they import them on 457 visas. Maybe we could import a full complement of AFL footballers as such until they train our locals. Pay packets up to $1.2 million may be more than they earn back home.

Some people fear the roadside barriers will keep wildlife on the roadway as well as away from the path of cars.

Some people fear the roadside barriers will keep wildlife on the roadway as well as away from the path of cars.

Colin Holmes, Ballarat

More trains wil demand more access

Hopefully, the Ballarat Railway Station Precinct proposal will not be lost among the highly publicised campaign calling for a 59 minute trip.  Speed is important, but without any rational planning for a fully integrated transport hub for trains, regional and local buses, taxis and designated car parking, the current plan ignores the needs of many Ballarat citizens, as well as students and tourists. It is extraordinary in this day and age, and with Ballarat's climate that no provision is to be made for safe, covered access for parents of young children or disabled or elderly travellers. It is disturbing to find that the state government which is doing a good job in many other areas would contemplate passing on public land and heritage buildings for development of a block of apartments and convention centre in such an important area.

Marion Dick, Lake Wendouree.

The Courier (Thursday 21.9.17) supported by much of Ballarat calls for the "one hour train" project to be revived and this surely calls for more additional parking and commuter access to the Ballarat station site. This is all the more reason as to why the convention centre/four star hotel plan should be scrapped now. If not, it will be to Ballarat's detriment in the future. Take a drive or walk around the local streets in the precinct and note just where and how commuters have to park their cars.

It is unbelievable when there is so much parking opportunity within the railway complex. State Members of Parliament Sharon Knight, Geoff Howard and Jaala Pulford continue to duck for cover as they know that the proposal is a great big stuff up and re too embarrassed to stand up and fight for Ballarat. It is up to the Premier and the Minister for Planning to call a halt to the existing proposals and take time to listen to the citizens of Ballarat who just want parking, access to trains, coaches and buses 'at the station'.

Paul Jenkins, Alfredton

​never to return

The Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children celebrate with the 50 or so families and individuals on Nauru and Manus Island who are to be resettled in the USA. At last they will be in a place of safety, and be free to live in peace and use their talents to give back to the country that has accepted them. A compassionate, bipartisan response from both sides of parliament to bring all those left on Nauru and Manus to Australia would be the just thing to do.

Cath McDonald, Buninyong.

Roos cant escape

Someone decided to put barriers up on Mt. Mercer Rd. It's not for our safety, if anything, it endangers our safety. This is kangaroo territory, the roo will be entrapped on the road. The barriers are dangerously close to the road leaving no place to stop or swerve in emergency, and the driveways are concealed even more than before. It makes you shake your head. One of the properties would struggle to get a truck in its entrance.

Shane Ross, Garibaldi.