Former Roosters may get discount

There could be concessions made to the points value of former North Ballarat Roosters players in season 2018.

AFL Victoria chief executive Steven Reaper said there had been discussions with AFL Goldfields about easing the pressure on those players left without a home following the stripping of the Roosters’ Victorian Football League licence earlier this month.

As it stands, VFL footballers that go to play with community football league clubs carry a five-point value – the second-highest grading under the current system.

“The initial discussions with AFL Goldfields were positive around if there was necessities to potentially provide some concessions, to look into that,” Reaper said.

“Potentially a less points value being allocated to that player that had wished to go back into community league level.

“I think that’s important. One of the flex points we always set up in the salary cap and points system was that local conditions could effectively adapt to their own particular region if needed be.

“I think this is one of those circumstances where you would look to engage that particular clause to enable that to happen.”

Reaper said AFL Victoria competitions manager John Hook had visited former Roosters players last week and spoke to them about some of their options.

He said there was scope to help those players continue a career in the VFL.

Reaper said there would probably be more standalone club spots available to players in 2018 than what there was this year.

He said with Werribee, Port Melbourne, Williamstown and even Coburg well placed geographically to Ballarat and western Victoria, there was potential for ex-Roosters to explore moves to those clubs.

Reaper said there could also be some concessions made to VFL transfer fees to accommodate former Roosters that wanted to spend a year at a different state league club and then return if there is a VFL presence in Ballarat in 2019.