Shane Warne's main concern after Valerie Fox assault accusation

He has a list of transgressions as long as his arm, but despite being most recently accused of assaulting a woman and questioned by British police over the incident, Shane Warne seemed most concerned about being linked with hardcore porn actress, Kelly Stafford.

Valerie Fox, 30, has accused the retired Australian cricketer and father-of-three, 48, of hitting her so forcefully in the face that she hit a wall and fell to the ground in the early hours of last Saturday morning in Loulou's, a private members club in Mayfair, London, which is frequented by the likes of Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie, and Pippa Middleton.

Warne has denied the assault. He was not charged and a British police spokesperson said "no further action [will] be taken."

Fox, a glamour model and a porn actress, was invited on the night out with the former king of spin by her friend Stafford, 39, who has been seeing Warne for over six months, refers to him as "my man" to her friends and stays with him when he visits London.

However, when speaking to police following the alleged attack, which Fox claims left her with a burst blood vessel under her left eye and a bruised cheek, Warne and Stafford were quick to deny a prior relationship, while Stafford is said to have become upset when police referred to her as his girlfriend.

"He is trying to keep his relationship with Kelly on the down-low and doesn't want to refer to her as his girlfriend. I think he just doesn't want to be associated with people in the adult industry," Fox told Fairfax Media.

"I don't think he'd want people to know what sort of relationship he has with Kelly, so as to protect his image."

On the night in question, Fox claims that Warne and Stafford were playing "games" in the club.

"He was pushing Kelly down to the floor and putting his fingers in her mouth. He would then get her to run errands for him, like going around the club to find other girls and bring them back to him.

"I didn't like his vibe, so I kept away from him, but he made comments to Kelly asking if I was as crazy as they were. He seemed very domineering," Fox added.

Although Warne will not be charged, Fox is standing by her story because she said she wants to help other women.

"I only decided to talk to the media in the hope that I could help someone else in the same situation. Hopefully it might give them a little bit of courage to come forward, all I want is for this never to happen again," Fox said.

Fairfax Media has asked Shane Warne and Kelly Stafford for comment.

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