Landowners fight against pesky weed


Landowners are being urged to watch informative videos from the Victorian Gorse Taskforce on dealing with Australia’s most noxious weed.

Gorse is regarded as one of the worst weeds because of its invasiveness, potential to spread, and harmful economic and environmental impacts.

Victorian Gorse Taskforce chairman Peter Everist said the videos had been designed to create public awareness on the harmful effects of having gorse on properties and what to do about it.

“The intention is to give the public information on the problems with gorse in being a fire risk, lowering the values of property, and being a haven for pest animals such as rabbits and foxes, which can destroy your pastures or your garden,” he said. 

“The gorse seed is known to exist for at least 40 years, and produces a massive amount of seeds, so that once you have gorse plants producing seed on your property it can stay there for a very long time, that’s why it is important to eradicate the plant.”

Mr Everist said the video contained useful descriptions and photographs of the weed’s appearance to ensure viewers could identify the plant in their gardens.

He said all private landowners were responsible for the weeds on their property, particularly gorse in Ballarat, and should remove the plant or, at the very least, control it.

“It seems there is either a lack of knowledge or a lack of wishing to do something about it,” Mr Everist said.

“But it does create a big fire risk, particularly along fence lines or in the bush.”

Gorse-related content will be shown on television, while videos and information are on the website