Regional Real Estate Results

ALFREDTON: PS Belltower St $490,000 Biggin & Scott; PS Capital St $610,000 Buxton; PS Regal Dr $465,000 Buxton; PS The Terrace $490,000 hockingstuart.

BALLARAT CENTRAL: PS Ascot St South $565,000 Buxton; PS Mill St $720,000 Biggin & Scott; PS Peel St South $275,000 Buxton; PS Raglan St South $475,000 Ballarat Real Estate.

BALLARAT EAST: PS Lovenear Gr $267,000 Biggin & Scott; PS Stockade St v/land 684sqm $150,000 Buxton.

BALLARAT NORTH: PS Lilley St $367,000 Biggin & Scott; PS Walsh Av $315,000 hockingstuart.

BEAUFORT: PS Acacia Ct v/land $67,000 Ballarat Real Estate.

BLACK HILL: PS Edwardes St $580,000 Biggin & Scott; PS Leerama Ct $380,000 Harcourts.

BROWN HILL: PS Observation Ct v/land $145,000 Buxton.

CANADIAN: PS Ron Ct 119sqm $252,000 Ray White.

CARDIGAN: PS Vantage Ct v/land $260,000 Buxton.

CARNGHAM: PS Station La $350,000 PRD Nationwide.

CLUNES: PS West St $405,000 PRD Nationwide.

CRESWIC:K PS Raglan St $320,000 PRD Nationwide.

DELACOMBE: PS Ballarat Carngham Rd v/land $124,000 Buxton; PS Ballarat-Carngham Rd v/land $109,000 Buxton; PS Ballarat-Carngham Rd v/land $109,000 Buxton; PS Ballarat-Carngham Rd v/land $128,000 Buxton; PS Ballarat-Carngham Rd v/land $124,000 Buxton; PS Majestic Way 640sqm $362,000 Ray White; PS Rorey St $255,000 Buxton; PS Wiltshire La 8rm $395,000 Trevor Petrie.

GOLDEN POINT: PS Grant St $230,000 Bartrop.

HADDON: PS Blackberry La $500,000 Ballarat Real Estate; PS Haddon School Rd $369,000 Harcourts.

HILLCREST: S 575 Preston Hill Rd rur residential BV undisc.

INVERMAY: PS Millers Rd $1,130,000 hockingstuart.

LAKE GARDENS: PS St Michaels Pl $675,000 Ballarat Real Estate.

LINTON: PS Surrey St $255,000 PRD Nationwide.

LUCAS: PS Bayfield St $332,900 PRD Nationwide; PS Hunter St $435,000 Buxton; PS Yates St $350,900 PRD Nationwide.

MINERS REST: PS Sunraysia Hwy $795,000 PRD Nationwide; PS Tanderra Ct v/land 650sqm $140,000 Trevor Petrie; PS United Ct $320,000 Ballarat Real Estate.

MOUNT CLEAR: PS Greenhaven Ct 798sqm $547,000 Ray White; PS Henry Av v/land 824sqm $100,000 Biggin & Scott.

MOUNT PLEASANT: PS Heales St $255,000 Buxton; PS Watson Dr $350,000 hockingstuart.

NAVIGATORS: PS Yankee Flat Rd $591,000 PRD Nationwide.

NERRINA: PS Lofven St $353,000 Biggin & Scott.

REDAN: PS Cooke St $360,000 Ballarat Real Estate; PS Ferguson St $260,000 Harcourts.

SEBASTOPOL: PS Albion St $175,000 Ballarat Real Estate; PS Hertford St $190,000 Ballarat Real Estate; PS Hinkler Av $240,000 Bartrop; PS Queen St $360,000 Biggin & Scott.

SOLDIERS HILL: PS Howard St $252,000 Ballarat Real Estate.

WENDOUREE: PS Goderic St 7rm 285sqm $275,000 Trevor Petrie; PS Lake St $405,000 Harcourts; PS Norman St $273,000 Harcourts.

  • Compiled by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.