Burger-goers make big first impression | Photos

CANINE companions the lakeside burger festival dry of doggie beer and cider by lunchtime on Sunday. There were still plenty of canine treat boxes and burgers available for evening foodies at the Big Burger Biannual in Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

Canine Wellness Kitchen’s Laura Yeomans was impressed at how much Ballarat people embraced the festival’s whole relaxed, picnic vibe. The Big Burger Biannual started Thursday but the Woodend-based canine chefs were just back on holidays for the festival finish.

“This is awesome. There are so many people here with their dogs, relaxing,” Ms Yeomans said. “A lot of the other trucks were telling people to come back with their dogs for us...but it also shows people were coming back.”

Hank Marvin Market founder Paul Wesolek, who pooled his top burger traders for the festival, wants to come back. This was Ballarat’s second taste of Hank Marvin, after the Bakers’ Exchange in July, and Mr Wesolek said the support and thriving foodie culture here made traders keen for another bite.