Dementia awareness gig in Ballarat sees Madder Lake reform

Jac Kreemers and (inset) Madder Lake in their heyday.
Jac Kreemers and (inset) Madder Lake in their heyday.

A celebration of the musical life of Ballarat drummer Jac Kreemers took an unexpected turn on Sunday when members of his original band Madder Lake appeared on stage with him.

Into The Black saw the eponymous band and others playing to pay tribute to Jac and to raise awareness of how dementia affects not only the sufferer but their family and friends as well.

Madder Lake at Sutton's House of Music

Jac Kreemers was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2013.

While the illness is affecting his memory and cognition, it has not diminished his capability on the drums, and he took to that stage with energy on Sunday to belt out some classic tunes.

Madder Lake arrived and played their hit single from the 1970s 12lb Toothbrush.

Others bands playing on the day included The New Suffragettes, The Electric Blues Collective and legendary Ballarat blues band Into The Black.