Droop handles conditions to claim National Futures Championship

First-year trainee Frazer Droop is the National Futures Champion and has booked his ticket to next year’s Australian PGA Championship.

Droop overcame windy conditions to be one of three players to finish under par. He finished five-under for the tournament, three strokes clear of Robert Hogan – Englishmen Matthew Fieldsend was the other player to finish under the card at one-under.

Frazer Droop

Frazer Droop

Droop was stoked to win the world’s richest trainee tournament and can’t wait to play alongside some of the world’s top players.

“It’s huge, obviously with the start in the PGA next year. There will be some European tour guys and there will be some guns playing in that. So it’ll be great to tee up next to them and rub shoulders with a lot of the blokes I’ve been watching on TV forever,” Droop said.

In the final two rounds the wind picked up significantly, Droop adjusted accordingly.

The Yarrawonga trainee said his game was well-suited to dealing with those types of conditions.

“I played pretty solid all week, the last two days were pretty trying with the wind out there, but I hung in there and was patient and it was great.

“I’ve always enjoyed the wind, it does separate the people who can flight their golf ball a little bit better than others from the field. I’ve always been lucky enough to play well in the wind.

“It’s pretty natural. The way I hit the golf ball, the wind doesn’t affect it a lot, so I’m pretty lucky. Obviously you have to take a little bit off it...so you don’t get as much speed and the ball doesn’t get as much spin on it.”

Droop hopes to continue to make strides in his game over the next two years of his traineeship and eventually turn pro.