New Rebels coach to announced tomorrow

The new Greater Western Victoria Rebels head coach will be announced on Wednesday.

The TAC Cup under-18 coach will have a dual role in what has moved from part-time to full-time.

He will also be region coaching director.

Gerard FitzGerald coached the Rebels for the past years in his second stint in the job.


1992 (partnership with Geelong Falcons): Terry Bright

1993: Ian Baker

1994: Ian Baker

1995: Garry Fletcher

1996: Garry Fletcher

1997: Garry Fletcher

1998: Greg Lamb

1999: Greg Lamb

2000: Greg Lamb

2001: Greg Lamb

2002: Anthony Rock

2003: Anthony Rock

2004: Anthony Rock

2005: Gerard FitzGerald

2006: Gerard FitzGerald

2007: Chris Maple

2008: Chris Maple

2009: Glenn Wilkins

2010: Glenn Wilkins

2011: David Loader

2012: David Loader

2013: David Loader

2014: David Loader

2015: David Loader

2016: Gerard FitzGerald

2017: Gerard FitzGerald