BCA firsts in review: Bulls pick themselves up off the carpet in a day of centuries | scoreboards

Tim Knowles cuts loose for Brown Hill to lead a recovery with 98 against East Ballarat at the Western Oval. Picture: Dylan Burns.
Tim Knowles cuts loose for Brown Hill to lead a recovery with 98 against East Ballarat at the Western Oval. Picture: Dylan Burns.

Batting heated up with four centuries in the Ballarat Cricket Association firsts on Saturday.

Wendouree teammates Heath Pyke and Tom Le Lievre, North Ballarat opener Leigh Lorenzen and new Golden Point import Manjula De Zoysa each reached three figures.

For Le Lievre and Lorenzen it was their maiden centuries at this level.

Pyke, 119, and Le Lievre, 100no, led the Red Caps to a dominant 5-288 against Darley at Wendouree after a shocking start which had them 3-4.

Lorenzen made 102 to guide North Ballarat to 6-255 against Napoleons-Sebastopol at Napoleons.

De Zoysa shone with 111 as the Pointies compiled a huge 8-327 against Ballarat-Redan at Alfredton.

However, a batsman who came up just two runs short of a century produced as good an innings as anyone across the competition.

Brown Hill's Tim Knowles helped rescue the Bulls from a devastating 4-0 against East Ballarat at the Western Oval.

His 98 in a sixth wicket partnership of 142 with wicketkeeper Paul White, 77, lifted Brown Hill to 235.

At stumps Brown Hill actually had it nose in front, with East losing a wicket on the last ball of the day to be 1-19.

The Bulls did not score until the eighth over after the top four in the order fell in the first, third, fourth and fifth overs.

Josh Brown snared three of the wickets.

Matthew Sandford, 9, and White provided some reprieve by adding 17 runs, but the loss of the fifth wicket meant the Hawks still had a vice-like grip on the match.

It was then that Knowles arrived at the crease and playing his natural hard-hitting game began the recovery.

Knowles went at a run a ball, while veteran White provided support.

Knowles, who smacked 15 fours and two sixes, literally fell two runs short of his century, being run out after slipping over.

Brown finished with 4-40 - the best figures of the day one of round five.

New English import Josh Dilworth took 4-101 in a marathon spell of 25 overs on debut for Ballarat-Redan.



Heath Pyke (Wendouree) 119

Manjula De Zoysa (Golden Point) 111

Leigh Lorenzen (North Ballarat) 102

Tom Le Lievre (Wendouree) 100no

Tim Knowles (Brown Hill) 98

Paul White (Brown Hill) 77

Simon Ogilvie (Golden Point) 66


Josh Brown (East Ballarat) 4-40

Ben Longhurst (Darley) 4-78

Josh Dilworth (Ballarat-Redan) 4-101

Wendouree's Heath Pyke on his way to a century against Darley. Picture: Dylan Burns

Wendouree's Heath Pyke on his way to a century against Darley. Picture: Dylan Burns



North Ballarat

1st Innings

L LORENZEN lbw b M Ringin 102

M NOLAN c Adams b Gibson 8

W ROGERS lbw b Rigby 23

S WRIGHT run out 41

D PRICE st Eyers b Adams 5

P PRIYANKARA c Eyers b M Ringin 27

L PARKER not out 25

H MCGREGOR not out 15

Sundries 9

TOTAL 6-255

Fall: 23, 69, 148, 168, 215, 216.

Bowling: M Ringin 21-6-49-2, R Gibson 20-2-65-1, N Pantzidis 6-0-22-0, B Adams 12-1-49-1, L Rigby 18-2-47-1, W Ringin 3-0-16-0.


Golden Point 

1st Innings

A FALKNER lbw b Thomson 16

T FERNANDO c Hind b Egan 0

J WHITE c J Hayes b Snaith 37

M DE ZOYSA c J Hayes b Dilworth 111

S OGILVIE c J Hayes b Dilworth 66

L ANDERSON c Thornton b Dilworth 44

D WHITE not out 30

N BAGLEY lbw b J Hayes 6

A WARRICK c Sutton b Dilworth 10

S O'LOUGHLIN not out 6

 Sundries 1

TOTAL 8-327

 Fall: 4, 30, 87, 184, 274, 277, 300, 313.

 Bowling: B Thomson 13-3-41-1, C Egan 9-1-35-1, J Hayes 10-4-34-0, J Hayes 13-0-70-1, L Snaith 10-1-37-1, J Dilworth 24-1-101-4, R Hind 1-0-8-0.



1st Innings

C ROSCHOLLER c Cape b Longhurst 0

R SIMMONDS c Anuruddha b Longhurst 1

G WEBB lbw b Longhurst 1

H PYKE b Longhurst 119

L BRADY lbw b Cape 19

T LE LIEVRE not out 100

J PEETERS not out 41

Sundries 7

TOTAL 5-288

Fall: 0, 3, 4, 56, 204.

Bowling: B Longhurst 20-4-78-4, D Locke 7-0-20-0, R Anuruddha 15-1-63-0, M Cape 20-6-46-1, R Ali 14-2-50-0, M Ward 4-0-26-0.


Brown Hill 

1st Innings

C TONKIN c Gray b Brown 0

N SMITH b Hayes 0

F HUNT lbw b Brown 0

R KNOWLES c Shaw b Brown 0

M SANDFORD b Ganley 9

P WHITE c Gray b Hayes 77

T KNOWLES run out 98

C INGLIS c Gray b Brown 30 

 D ORR c Gray b Thorne 0

B SCOTT c Brown b Thorne 13

T BOURKE-FINN not out 4 

 Sundries 4


Fall: 0, 0, 0, 0, 17, 159.

Bowling: J Brown 15.1-5-40-4, O Hayes 19-6-60-2, H Ganley 4-1-18-1, T Dixon 9-0-37-0, Z Thorne 16-3-52-2, S Calder 9-0-25-0.

East Ballarat

1st Innings

H GANLEY c Inglis b Orr 8

M WALSH not out 9

Sundries 2

TOTAL 1-19

Fall: 19

Bowling: T Bourke-Finn 2-1-8-0, D Orr 1-0-11-1