My name is Elara, I am nine years old and I am upset by what I see

One young reader is worried about the future of refugees Australia housed in the closing Manus Island facility
One young reader is worried about the future of refugees Australia housed in the closing Manus Island facility

Time to share the luck

Dear Members of Parliament, My name is Elara Cutts and I am nine years old. I am very upset because I saw on the news that the government will not let the refugees come and stay in Australia.

I just think it is so unfair because imagine if we were them sleeping on tables or the ground.

It is just so sad.

So government, I am depending on you people to do something about those poor people in Papua New Guinea.

We are just so lucky that we live in Australia, so I don't see the problem having more amazing people with lots of stories that will be very interesting, and that will come and stay with us!

Elara Cutts, Buninyong.

End the shambles with decisive change 

The Federal Parliament citizenship fiasco now dictates that it is time for Malcolm Turnbull to call a Federal Election.

The Liberal and National Coalition Government has shown no respect for Australia's Constitution and in doing so has shown no respect for the people of this country.

Australia needs focused leadership that not only respects the rule of law but also the fundamental basis of our constitution, which provides us with our democratic system of government.

In saying that Australia also needs a federal government that truly represents the Australian electorate and engages with the broader community, listens and acts accordingly.

Nothing will change without change itself.

Ron Egeberg, Soldiers Hill

Punishment not equal to the cruelty

We all witnessed a wonderful Melbourne Cup Carnival and all the glamour and glitz racing has to offer.

On the dark side of racing, we watched the disgusting actions of one South Australian jockey striking his mount in the stomach with force because the horse played up.

This made me rather disgusted and other people would have probably felt the same.

It disgusted me that the jockey in question only received a slight suspension.

In my opinion this jockey should have been banned from the race track for life for cruelty to animals.

Geoff Rundell, Ballarat

A major problem in our midst

It's time governments at all levels stopped ignoring PTSD amongst our defence personnel.

There are more and more returned service people dying on Australian soil than being killed while on deployment.

Government agencies like the DVA need to change their attitudes and start showing empathy towards these people who put their lives on the line and come back mentally damaged.

The sad thing is there are more and more suicide-related deaths from PTSD, and it's becoming a common thing as well amongst our emergency service personnel because they are being ignored, and not getting the proper treatment just like those great people from the defense force.

If anybody is feeling suicidal, talk to someone.

If not a mate or family member, contact one of the magnificent suicide prevention organisations who have trained counsellors to talk with.

Remember, suicide doesn't end the pain, it only passes it on to loved ones.

David Braybrook, Sebastopol

Ideas to think about 

The big drawback with electric cars is the long charging times for batteries and it's this that puts most people off buying one.

Can't manufacturers design cars that will accept rapid slot-out/slot-in batteries in the same way as swap and go BBQ gas bottles are changed?

Another advantage would be that storage of fully charged, or charging, batteries at servos would surely be more economical than it is for storing liquid fuels.

And, of course, truck deliveries would be reduced to a minimum.

Lee Welling, Nicholls