Third accused Ballarat drug ring member faces court

Ian Weightman's bail application was refused on Wednesday.

Ian Weightman's bail application was refused on Wednesday.

A 59-year-old man accused of being part of a large drug operation in Ballarat where pills were sold to nightclub patrons has been refused bail.

Police allege 140 grams of ecstasy, totaling 500 pills, was found inside a laundry cupboard at Ian Weightman’s Redan home. 

A pill press was also allegedly found at Weightman’s home during a police search on October 20.

Weightman’s application for bail was refused at Ballarat Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

His co-accused, Peter Moore, 20, and nephew Nathan Weightman, 21, were granted bail last week.

Magistrate Ron Saines said he was not satisfied Weightman had shown cause despite telling the court he cared for his mother.

Weightman faces three charges, including trafficking ecstasy, possessing ecstasy, pills and powder and possessing a tablet press without a lawful excuse.

Weightman, who closed his eyes at times during the bail application, will return to court at a later date.