Minimal cricket played as rain forces the covers on | BCA firsts wrap

Ballarat Cricket Association first grade action came to an early close on Saturday as the stormy conditions saw the covers come on mid-afternoon.

Due to the varying conditions across grounds, some teams had better luck than others, given this it will make for an interesting and unfortunately uneven second day.

For a match to be deemed normal conditions, 20 overs need to be completed, if the match does not reach this target and more than 120 minutes have been lost the two-day match turns into a one-dayer.

Ballarat-Redan (2-41) batted for 25 overs against Wendouree at Alfredton Oval while Napoleons-Sebastopol (1-86) got through 31 overs against Golden Point at Napoleons.

For these encounters, the match will continue as a two-dayer and the batting team has the right to bat all day next week - and of course has the option, albeit unlikely, to play for a result.

As for North Ballarat and Darley, just five overs took place at Northern Oval while East Ballarat (2-12) only got nine overs in at Mt Clear. 

The four sides will play a one-dayer next Saturday.

This outcome will have differing impacts on certain clubs.

For Wendouree, will it be denied what looks to be, on form, a likely victory over the inexperienced and winless Ballarat-Redan?

Mt Clear got off to a brilliant start against the Hawks with the ball, but that 2-12 will be wiped from the canvas.

While Napeoleons-Sebastopol, which has been unable to continue on in the fashion it ended last season, is in desperate need of victory and despite looking set for a big total at 1-88 will be forced to find a result as it searches for a much-needed six points.