Break returns for Queen’s birthday long weekend in CHFL

REMATCH: Last season's grand finalists Hepburn and Beaufort will meet for the first time in 2018 in round eight. Pictured is Hepburn's Andy McKay trying to evade Beaufort's Levi Cox in last season's decider.

REMATCH: Last season's grand finalists Hepburn and Beaufort will meet for the first time in 2018 in round eight. Pictured is Hepburn's Andy McKay trying to evade Beaufort's Levi Cox in last season's decider.

The Central Highlands Football League has reintroduced the competition-wide break for the Queen’s birthday long weekend in season 2018.

The new fixture has been ratified by the league’s board and includes a bye on Saturday, June 9.

This is a shift from the 2017 fixture, which swapped the Queen’s birthday long weekend break for a bye during the first week of mid-year school holidays.

CHFL administrator Diane Ryan said a shortage of players – particularly in junior grades – had been evident in the matches played over the long weekend last season.

Round one of the 2018 season has been scheduled for April 7, with the AFL Victoria Community Championships set for May 19. The CHFL is booked to host the Riddell District competition next year.

The first week of finals will take place on August 18/19, with the grand final locked in for September 8.

The grand final rematch between premiers Hepburn and runners-up Beaufort will be played in round eight on June 2.

ROUND 1 (April 7)

Springbank v Buninyong

Ballan v Gordon

Dunnstown v Bungaree

Daylesford v Beaufort

Hepburn v Newlyn

Smythesdale v Rokewood-Corindhap

Skipton v Clunes

Creswick v Carngham-Linton 

Waubra v Learmonth

ROUND 2 (April 14)

Buninyong v Ballan

Gordon v Dunnstown

Bungaree v Beaufort

Newlyn v Waubra

Learmonth v Rokewood-Corindhap

Smythesdale v Skipton

Clunes v Creswick

Carngham-Linton v Springbank

Daylesford v Hepburn (Sunday)

ROUND 3 (April 21)

Dunnstown v Buninyong

Beaufort v Gordon

Hepburn v Bungaree

Waubra v Daylesford

Rokewood-Corindhap v Newlyn

Skipton v Learmonth

Creswick v Smythesdale

Carngham-Linton v Clunes

Springbank v Ballan

ROUND 4 (April 28)

Buninyong v Beaufort

Gordon v Hepburn

Bungaree v Waubra

Rokewood-Corindhap v Daylesford

Newlyn v Skipton

Learmonth v Creswick

Smythesdale v Carngham-Linton 

Clunes v Springbank

Ballan v Dunnstown

ROUND 5 (May 5)

Hepburn v Buninyong

Waubra v Gordon

Rokewood-Corindhap v Bungaree

Skipton v Daylesford

Creswick v Newlyn

Carngham-Linton v Learmonth

Clunes v Smythesdale

Beaufort v Ballan

Springbank v Dunnstown

ROUND 6 (May 12)

Buninyong v Waubra

Gordon v Rokewood-Corindhap

Bungaree v Skipton

Daylesford v Creswick

Newlyn v Carngham-Linton 

Learmonth v Clunes

Smythesdale v Springbank

Ballan v Hepburn

Dunnstown v Beaufort


ROUND 7 (May 26)

Rokewood-Corindhap v Buninyong

Skipton v Gordon

Creswick v Bungaree

Carngham-Linton v Daylesford

Clunes v Newlyn

Smythesdale v Learmonth

Waubra v Ballan

Hepburn v Dunnstown

Springbank v Beaufort

ROUND 8 (June 2)

Buninyong v Skipton

Gordon v Creswick

Bungaree v Carngham-Linton 

Daylesford v Clunes

Newlyn v Smythesdale

Learmonth v Springbank

Ballan v Rokewood-Corindhap

Dunnstown v Waubra

Beaufort v Hepburn


ROUND 9 (June 16)

Creswick v Buninyong

Carngham-Linton v Gordon

Clunes v Bungaree

Smythesdale v Daylesford

Learmonth v Newlyn

Waubra v Beaufort

Rokewood-Corindhap v Dunnstown

Skipton v Ballan

Hepburn v Springbank

ROUND 10 (June 23)

Buninyong v Carngham-Linton 

Gordon v Clunes

Bungaree v Smythesdale

Daylesford v Learmonth

Springbank v Newlyn

Ballan v Creswick

Dunnstown v Skipton

Beaufort v Rokewood-Corindhap

Hepburn v Waubra

ROUND 11 (June 30)

Clunes v Buninyong

Smythesdale v Gordon

Learmonth v Bungaree

Newlyn v Daylesford

Rokewood-Corindhap v Hepburn

Skipton v Beaufort

Creswick v Dunnstown

Carngham-Linton v Ballan

Waubra v Springbank

ROUND 12 (July 7)

Buninyong v Smythesdale

Gordon v Learmonth

Bungaree v Newlyn

Springbank v Daylesford

Ballan v Clunes

Dunnstown v Carngham-Linton 

Beaufort v Creswick

Hepburn v Skipton

Waubra v Rokewood-Corindhap

ROUND 13 (July 14)

Learmonth v Buninyong

Newlyn v Gordon

Daylesford v Bungaree

Skipton v Waubra

Creswick v Hepburn

Carngham-Linton v Beaufort

Clunes v Dunnstown

Smythesdale v Ballan

Rokewood-Corindhap v Springbank

ROUND 14 (July 21)

Buninyong v Newlyn

Gordon v Daylesford

Springbank v Bungaree

Ballan v Learmonth

Dunnstown v Smythesdale

Beaufort v Clunes

Hepburn v Carngham-Linton 

Waubra v Creswick

Rokewood-Corindhap v Skipton

ROUND 15 (July 28)

Daylesford v Buninyong

Bungaree v Gordon

Newlyn v Ballan

Learmonth v Dunnstown

Smythesdale v Beaufort

Clunes v Hepburn

Carngham-Linton v Waubra

Creswick v Rokewood-Corindhap

Skipton v Springbank

ROUND 16 (August 4)

Buninyong v Bungaree

Springbank v Gordon

Ballan v Daylesford

Dunnstown v Newlyn

Beaufort v Learmonth

Hepburn v Smythesdale

Waubra v Clunes

Rokewood-Corindhap v Carngham-Linton 

Skipton v Creswick

ROUND 17 (August 11)

Gordon v Buninyong

Bungaree v Ballan

Daylesford v Dunnstown

Newlyn v Beaufort

Learmonth v Hepburn

Smythesdale v Waubra

Clunes v Rokewood-Corindhap

Carngham-Linton v Skipton

Creswick v Springbank


Week 1 (August 18/19)

Week 2 (August 25/26)

Week 3 (September 1/2)

Grand final (September 8)