No split outcome pleases CHFL president Eddy Comelli | video

Eddy Comelli believed all the indicators were that the Central Highlands Football League was set to be split under the AFL Goldfields senior competition review.

But the league president admits there is an element of relief now that the final report has revealed the competition will remain largely unchanged in 2019.

Comelli said he felt common sense had prevailed given that 18 clubs wasn’t enough to split the league into two divisions.

“We were concerned that it might have gone that way (a split), but albeit, we probably would have resisted it. We made that pretty clear to everybody,” he told The Courier following a media conference on Thursday.

“At the end of the day, we will do what our member clubs want us to do. And there was a great majority that didn’t want to split the league so the outcome for now is good.”

  • Comelli’s video was recorded before Clunes president Brendan Sheehan told The Courier his club did not request a move from the Central Highlands league and would be resisting the recommendation from AFL Goldfields.