Stand-off between Buninyong and Rokewood isn’t ending anytime soon

The playing future of Rokewood-Corindhap star Caius Barrenger remains in limbo.

Barrenger had his first clearance request from the Grasshoppers to Buninyong denied, but continues to train with the Bombers in the hope of playing with the club in 2018.

The major problem is that he has signed a contract with Rokewood-Corindhap for next season.

Grasshoppers football manager Leigh Russell said the issue would continue to be discussed at an upcoming committee meeting.

“At this stage, he’s a contracted player and our preference is that he remains and plays with Rokewood-Corindhap,” Allen said.

Barrenger is a former Mt Clear junior and past CHFL senior interleague representative.

He made a comeback from a knee reconstruction late last season and kicked 20 goals from the last four games of the home and away campaign.