‘It’s unbelievable’: Thief returns stolen headstone in Carngham

Pat Yeoman and the headstone.
Pat Yeoman and the headstone.

A historic gravestone stolen from the Carngham cemetery has been returned, delighting the Snake Valley community.

The old headstone, which belonged to a young woman called Bridget Wyatt, who died in 1859 at the age of 31, had gone missing last month.

In response, Snake Valley and District Historical Society president Pat Yeoman and other residents launched a public campaign, calling on thieves to return the rare piece of history. 

And it was successful: the gravestone mysteriously turned up along a stretch of Carngham-Lake Goldsmith Road on Thursday morning. 

“It’s unbelievable,” Ms Yeoman said.

“With all the publicity it got, it would have been a bit hot to handle. Maybe they thought we better put it back somewhere.”

The headstone has now been returned to the cemetery.