'No idea what I was in for': Huge bull shark caught in Georges River

Two fisherman caught a huge bull shark in the Georges River at Revesby on Wednesday - and while the sharks aren't rare in those waters, they said they were surprised by the size of it.

"I had no idea what I was in for," Hassan Alameri told Nine News.

"It was really hard to bring him up on the sand because he was really big,and we had two or three people helping had a massive crowd watching and everything."

Mr Alameri said it took a lot of effort for him and his friend Luke to reel the shark in.

"We had him on [the line] for about an hour ... [it] took us about 250 metres down the beach," he said.

The men estimated the beast they caught was 3.5 metres long and weighed 150 kilograms.

If their estimate is correct, it was a whopper: the larger adult females grow to an average 2.4 metres and 130 kilograms.

Bull sharks commonly swim in rivers and canals as well as the ocean, and are known to be aggressive.

A spokesman from the NSW Department of Primary Industries said the evidence of a large shark in the river was actually a good thing.

"It is not uncommon for bull sharks to frequent the Georges River during summer and autumn months," he said.

"Sightings in this waterway indicate a healthy ecosystem."

The department spokesman said the maximum bag limit for bull sharks is one per day, but Mr Alameri said he had never planned to keep it.

"I'm all about catch and release, especially a big fish - you have to respect nature."

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