G’dayMoji app allows you to text like a ‘true blue Aussie’

You can now express yourself like a ‘true blue Aussie’ with Australian themed emojis made in Mudgee.

G’dayMoji is Australia’s own set of emoticons and the creation of local photographer Amber Hooper.

“I guess the idea came up because I love using emojis,” Amber explained, “but there just wasn’t many Australia themed emojis.”

The iPhone app launched just before Australia Day, allows you to, ‘send an emoji sticker of a lovestruck koala, a sausage sanga, an esky full of beer, or many more icons that translate the Australian lifestyle into the language of emoji’. 

“I had the idea for a number of years, but it’s taken about two years from ‘let’s do it’ to the launch,” she said.

Amber described the process as a ‘labor of love’ for herself and Mudgee artist Sam Paine who created the emoji sticker illustrations by hand.

“We had all these nights sitting around at the pub coming up with these big lists of things like ‘oh yay there has to be a lamington and a hills hoist’, Sam said.

The pair narrowed down the selection to 105 custom emojis in six categories: culture, sport, food and drink, locations, lingo and animals.

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“The character that we wanted to represent was a fun, relaxed, not too official, not too formal kind of personality, with rough edges,” Sam laughed.

The plan is to continue expanding the app, with friends and family already suggesting new emoji ideas.

“We’ve been getting lots of good feedback like adding a flaming galah, which would be really fun,” Amber said.

G’dayMoji is currently available on itunes, download the app HERE.