Man admits aiming handgun at pregnant woman in Mair Street

A Sebastopol man has been spared spending more time in jail for now, after he pleaded guilty to aiming a handgun at a pregnant woman and her friend outside a Mair Street medical clinic. 

Brendan Heath Lord’s sentence was deferred at the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Friday until March 14.

Magistrate Ronald Saines released Lord on bail after 38 days in pre-sentence detention, warning him to comply with all court orders until his sentencing date.

Lord pleaded guilty to nine charges, including reckless conduct endangering life and being a prohibited person possessing a firearm, in relation to two separate incidents in March and January 2.

Last month, Lord was attending an antenatal appointment in Mair Street with his pregnant partner at the same time as the victim and her friend.

Outside the clinic, Lord was pacing up and down the footpath when he said, “where is the bastard?”, referring to the victim’s partner.

Lord followed the victim and friend to their car, they got inside, and he produced the handgun, making a shooting motion towards them. He did this a second time.

When Lord was arrested, they located a .22 caliber homemade gun. He told police he wanted to see if he could make the gun. 

Defence barrister Vincent Peters said his client was an emotional person.

“He is very remorseful, very emotional about what happened. It was him expressing his emotions about his children,” Mr Peters said.

“He was angry. The gun didn’t work anyway.”

Lord was initially applying for bail on Friday.