‘You are just wasting my time’: magistrate slams police taunter

A photo of Walker that had been uploaded to The Courier's Facebook page.

A photo of Walker that had been uploaded to The Courier's Facebook page.

A man who taunted law enforcement on social media had his bail application refused in the Ballarat Magistrates’ Court on Monday. 

Clynton Walker’s image was released publicly for being wanted on at least eight outstanding warrants when he posted pictures of himself on Facebook mocking police. 

Police prosecution opposed his application for bail and the court heard details of Walker’s previous contraventions of bail conditions. 

First constable Michelle Cosgrave of Ballarat police gave evidence to court including copies of the social media comments in which Walker “took the mickey” of the bail system. 

On at least four occasions last year, Walker was arrested and bailed for numerous offences including breaching family violence intervention orders, driving while suspended and obtaining property by deception. 

In each instance, he failed to appear in court as part of his bail conditions and Constable Cosgrove said he actively avoided police when arrest warrants were issued.

On one occasion on, October 23 last year, Walker was released on bail for contravening a family violence order and failing to appear. 

“He puts his kids’ and the affected family members’ safety at risk by texting, calling, following the affected family member in a car, attending their house and threatening the protected person,” Constable Cosgrove said.

The court also heard he was caught seven times driving with a suspended licence and has assaulted an emergency worker while holding a prohibited weapon. 

“He constantly avoids police by changing addresses,” Constable Cosgrave said.

“There are five different addresses on his warrants and has continued truck driving while his licence was suspended.”

Walker defended himself at the bail hearing, promising that he was granted bail he would appear in court and comply with conditions. 

However, Magistrate Alan Spillane said Walker’s previous track record of fialing to appear did him no favours.

"How can you possibly say that? You have treated the bail system with complete disrespect and I don't trust you a millimetre. 

"You are a terrible bet for turning up, your record is horrendous; it's not sketchy - it's atrocious and I think you are just wasting my time.

Walker was remanded in custody to appear in court on Thursday, March 15.