YOUR SAY: The Midland Highway is a disgrace for an important road

I read with interest the article published on 9th February, 2018 about the Midland Highway.

To call that ‘Goat-Track’ a Highway is a complete misnomer.  When one considers a road joining four of the most significant towns in this state it is a an absolute disgrace.

Opposing traffic flows, broken surfaces, sudden bends, townships restricting traffic flow make it only slightly better than the bullock track of the Gold Rush era. Indeed it largely is the Bullock track with a small amount of bitumen over it. It should be Heritage listed.

To recognise that it joins a major port with Ballarat, Bendigo and Shepparton along which much freight must travel both in to and out of the country beggars the imagination.

Because of its inadequacy the Ballarat Airport is unable to reach its full potential as a freight and passenger hub.

It has an appalling track record for crashes some of which result in injury or death, not to mention the amount of damage done to the suspension of the vehicles travelling along it.

In that respect it is not cost effective.

Even the Romans, two thousand years ago realised the value of a good road system and built good roads, some of which are still in use. I doubt the Midland Highway will survive another twenty years much less two thousand.

A previous candidate for State Premier recognised how poor it was and prioritised it for remedial work. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful in his bid to return to Parliament.

The present band aid treatment will only provide a minimal improment.

Men of vision in the past set aside a Road Reserve of sufficient width to accommodate a duel carriageway so why not take advantage of that.

Cost is a factor that can be alleviated by Tolls and in any case a duel carriageway will soon pay for itself in lives not lost.

Gordon Jarvis, Sebastopol.