‘That’s not a boat’: Range Rover plucked from Lake Burrumbeet

Heads turned at Lake Burrumbeet when a white Range Rover mysteriously emerged in the water this week.

Caravan park worker Lee, who noticed the vehicle bobbing in the lake from her office, said she first saw a big tow truck drive past about 12.30pm on Tuesday.

“I didn’t think much of it at first,” she said.

“Then I stood up, looked over to the lake, saw something in the water and thought, that’s not a boat.”

While details remain unclear, it’s believed the Range Rover became dislodged while attempting to launch a boat on a trailer.

The tow truck was eventually called in to help retrieve the vehicle, pulling it to shore about 1pm.

But workers thought the expensive Range Rover would be a write off as its electrical systems would be waterlogged, according to Lee.

“Someone told me the driver was reversing on the boat ramp before opening the door to have a look at how much room he had,” she said.

“But as he opened the door he may have hit reverse by accident.”