Little bat spotted inside house

PROTESTER: A small chocolate wattled bat. Picture:

PROTESTER: A small chocolate wattled bat. Picture:

We have had a bat inside the house. Its wingspan was about 240 mm, body size about the size of a man’s thumb, chocolate brown. The ears were small and round. Vicious little thing.

G.D., Yendon.

The chocolate colour and small rounded ears probably indicate your bat was a chocolate wattled bat. This is a fairly common bat in the Ballarat district, and sometimes enters roofs and houses. Found wherever there are trees, it can occur singly or in colonies of up to 20 or more.

It normally lives in hollow trees and similar sheltered places. Most bats would protest and bite with their small teeth when handled. Hopefully its experience of capture will mean it will not come inside again. The photo shows one caught in a harmless bat trap, used by people studying these nocturnal mammals.

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