Charges relating to Ballarat manhunt resolve

Charges relating to a police ramming which sparked a manhunt across Ballarat in June have resolved, a court has been told.

Adam Troy Sandlant, 39, was arrested on June 8, two days after a police car was rammed and the vehicle involved was found burnt out in the Canadian State Regional Park.

Court documents show Sandlant is charged with 54 offences, which include the manhunt incident, dating from June 24, 2016 to June 6, 2017.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Aimee Heal told the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Thursday all but six of those charges had resolved.

She said the six charges in dispute related to a car accident on July 15 where the driver failed to stop.

“We say that car had stolen registration plates and it was a stolen vehicle. We say (Sandlant) was driving that car. There is forensic evidence linking him to that car,” Senior Constable Heal said.

“The person driving the car did not stop after the accident.”

Adam Troy Sandlant

Adam Troy Sandlant

The court was told Sandlant was disputing he was the driver of the car, which he purchased six days before the alleged accident. 

Senior Constable Heal said police could charge Sandlant with a further offence if he failed to tell police who was driving the car.

Defence lawyer Emma Turnball said the obligation to tell police who was behind the wheel had never been on him until Thursday morning.

Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt adjourned the case to May 16 for a contested hearing for the six charges in dispute.

The adjournment will allow Sandlant to tell police who the driver was and for police to contact a witness who was driving the other car.

Sandlant's bail was extended.