Ballarat to receive new family violence police officers in 2018

File photo.
File photo.

Ballarat is set to receive 14 new police officers from May, with an emphasis on those with family violence training. 

Ten specialist family violence police have been allocated to Ballarat, which is considered a key location. 

The number of men being charged for breaching family violence orders spiked in Ballarat for the 2016/17 financial year.

Crime Statistics Agency data released in October showed 918 offences were recorded for people ignoring orders, up 215 cases from the financial year before.

Three officers will be deployed to the Ballarat Police service area, with one additional officer allocated to the divisional Crime Investigation Unit.

The new cops are part of 825 additional officers deployed across Victoria over 12 months, starting from May. 

More than 300 officers are being allocated to areas with the “highest need for policing services” in growth areas such as Geelong, Wyndham, Melton and Hume. 

208 specialist family violence police will be deployed across the state, enabling Victoria Police to commence the transition to Family Violence Investigation Units (FVIUs) with dedicated detectives and intelligence practitioners embedded into the teams.

In a statement, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said that Victoria Police’s “absolute focus” is keeping people safe. 

“To do that we need to be the best policing service we can be – agile and responsive to the needs of communities, on the front foot, preventing crime and locking up offenders.” he said.