Deterioration outpaces investment on our roads

Deterioration outpaces investment

Our freeways need urgent repair Generally when travelling to Melbourne we take the train; however, last weekend we drove due to our destination. Has anyone else noticed the state of the Western Highway and the West Gate freeway road between the Ring Road and the West Gate Bridge? Without exaggeration we bounced uncomfortably along both roads. Why are they in such a poor state? Is it that the roads weren't constructed for the heavy haulage that uses them? Or is it simply the roads have been poorly constructed? Who is responsible? Our vehicle has very good suspension but the round trip was a serious and unacceptable bumpy ride. I hope governments and oppositions will include a roads construction review with appropriate remedial works in their election promises this year and next. 

The Westgate freeway is just one of the major arterials that is being pounded by heavy traffic and wearing the cost.

The Westgate freeway is just one of the major arterials that is being pounded by heavy traffic and wearing the cost.

Ron Egeberg, Soldiers Hill 

History repeating?

When Louise Staley won the seat of Ripon in 2014, her success was completely at odds with the wider swing against the conservatives. At the time, Staley accused Labor and incoming Premier Daniel Andrews of ignoring the electorate. She had good cause. The campaign by Daniel McGlone was appallingly lack lustre and Staley deserved to win on the strength of her campaigning. On the weekend I had the opportunity to meet with the new Labor candidate at the Clunes farmers market, Beaufort’s Sarah De Santis. In Sarah I encountered the same attitude to campaigning that plagued the McGlone campaign, emphasising ‘meet the people’ opportunities over traditional media forms .  The election lead-up is about to begin in earnest, but it is already evident that Staley is in with a real chance of winning this seat again in the face of an under performing Labor campaign in Ripon to all out detriment.

Patrick Hockey, Clunes.


Malcolm Turnbull with 30 consecutive negative polls in a row, is actually better placed to remain than the previous two Prime Ministers that exited.

Both these Prime Ministers created 400,00 new jobs each, but still lost theirs. Now Mal has created 420,000 new jobs.

This is 20,000 more people who should vote for him in a popularity poll. A modern day white knight in shining armour. If not, then they are unappreciative.

Totalling up these consecutive new jobs gives 1,220,000 jobs. I cannot see how there is a problem.

Colin Holmes,  Ballarat.

 Another possible option

I was interested to learn that the Norwich Plaza was on the market,  Maybe Ballarat will finally be rid of its Colour Bond facade and clock that has blighted the streetscape for many years.  Perhaps the Government should be encouraged to purchase the property for development of it's GovHub instead of demolishing the Lower Civic Hall. The loss of the Lower Civic Hall renders the Civic Hall unviable as the facilities that are attractive for hirers will be gone. eg: dressing rooms, green room and access to the main stage.  There is a plan to erect some facilities under the Civic Hall but are inadequate. Demolishing the Lower Hall in favour of a keeping the footprint is hardly respecting its heritage. 

Is it possible into the future that the Govhub could l be sold off if it does not meet expectations and the community will lose a 400 seat venue which is currently lacking in Ballrarat.  We desperately need jobs in this community and re-vitalization of our CBD with parking a critical issue.  Norwich Plaza could meet the needs of the government and the Bridge Mall could be brought back form the dead.   

I will continue to monitor this real estate transaction and hope that it is a good outcome for the Ballarat Community and not sold to another investor that will let it deteriorate further.

Judith Buchanan, Sebastopol