Jones joins forces with Pollock to coach Skipton’s A grade side

Skipton recruit Hayley Jones will join forces with Amelia Pollock with the pair set to share the coaching duties in 2018.

Jones came to the club with no intention of coaching but was reunited with former Stawell teammate Pollock and that quickly grew into a partnership that will now lead the A grade side.

Jones joins the club alongside her husband, who coaches the under-18 football side, and was pleased to find herself in a coaching role, something that runs in the family – her mum also coaching plenty of netball over the journey.

“It just fell into place,” Jones said.

“It is exciting to get into that side of the game.”

Skipton, which lost by 23 goals to Clunes in round 1, will field a young side this season with a number of fresh faces.

Pollock will be the only A-grader from last season to take to the court with a number of former juniors returning to the club alongside some recruits.

Co-coach Amelia Pollock

Co-coach Amelia Pollock

“We’ve got a very young side, we’re very excited, there’s a bit of potential there so hopefully we can come together as a team.

“Last week we were bit all over the place because we hadn’t really had a chance to play together before, we’re hopeful of having a few wins this season.”

Jones is realistic in her assessment of what the season may hold.

As a developing side, which won just two matches last season, she is preparing for the occasional difficult Saturday afternoon, but it will be a matter of staying focused and improving overall as a club.

“It will be an interesting season in that regard, there will be those games where we might get blown off the court, but you’ve got to notch it up as experience and do the best you can.

“That’s what we’ve talked about, staying positive and supporting each other.”

Skipton faces Smythesdale this weekend, a side in a similar position to the Emus.

Jones was hopeful of matching it with the Bulldogs and possibly posting its first victory.

“We’re hoping we’ll have a good chance against them.

“(We’ll look to) not get too caught up in how many wins we’ve had or what the score is – just focus on improving each week.”

The Emus have settled on its A grade squad, but is still tinkering to find everyone’s ideal position.