One step closer for Moorabool Wind Farm with connection agreement signed

A connection agreement is now in place for Moorabool Wind Farm, setting out conditions to transmit energy from the wind farm to Victoria’s electricity network.

Goldwind Australia, the company which will deliver the Moorabool Wind Farm, and Australia Energy Operations signed the agreement for the construction of connection assets. 

The agreement includes work to increase the size of the Elaine Terminal Station, and construction of 30km of transmission line. 

The Elaine Terminal Station currently connects the Mt Mercer Wind Farm with the Victorian electricity grid. The terminal station increases the voltage from 132kV to 220kV, allowing the electricity to be distributed across the national grid.

Australian Energy Operations has contracted Beon Energy Solutions to design, construct and operate the augmentation works to the Elaine Terminal Station and 30km of transmission line. 

Goldwind Australia managing director John Titchen said the connection agreement was a key project milestone which paved the way for the construction of the Moorabool Wind Farm. 

Construction of the 107 turbine wind farm is expected to begin by the middle of the year, with no firm date for commencement or completion. 

The wind farm will power approximately 200,000 average Victorian homes each year once operational. 

It will extend 14km north to south between Ballan and Mount Wallace to the west of Geelong-Ballan Road. 

The project is expected to create up to 300 jobs during construction peaks on site and employ up to 20 permanent maintenance staff when fully operational by late 2019. 

The connection agreement for Moorabool Wind Farm comes during a boom in the generation of wind power in western Victoria. 

Yaloak South Wind Farm at Mount Wallace is now generating electricity, following the construction of 14 wind turbines around 15km south of Ballan. Power is exported to the local electricity network, via a short grid extension to the existing 66kV transmission line loacated along Hamills Lane. 

The construction of Lal Lal Wind Farm is set to begin in April, kicking off with work on access roads, hard stands and the sub station. The turbine components will arrive in October or November and are expected to be fully operational by August 2019. 

Preliminary works are underway at Stockyard Hill Wind Farm about 35km west of Ballarat. The state government approved a planning amendment to increase the tip height of the turbines to 180 metres. The construction of 149 wind turbines have been approved. 

Many renewable energy supporters say wind power is the future of energy in Western Victoria.