Exciting finish to Creswick challenge

Ronny Hoppeler

Ronny Hoppeler

Just a couple of seconds separated the winner and runner-up in the men’s 60km race of Creswick’s 2018 Brackenbury Challenge.

Daniel Braunsteins managed to cross the finish line just ahead of Rohin Adams with a time of 2:59.12 hours to claim the victory.

Meanwhile, the women’s 40km race was just as exciting with 13-year-old Millie Chester taking the win, while her sibling Archie Chester won the men’s race of the same distance. 

Anna Taylor claimed the women’s 60km race. 

Brackenbury Challenge race director Chris Chatham said the event went well. 

“I think the actual starting number was about 108 in Sunday’s race and there were some pretty impressive results,” he said.