New manager looks forward to getting to know Ballarat community and businesses

New face at The Courier, Elena Obst is looking forward to building relationships with Ballarat businesses and community leaders in her new role as local sales team manager.

Ms Obst is the new sales manager for The Ballarat Courier and the Hepburn Advocate and comes most recently from Wagga Wagga in NSW, where she was sales channel manager at The Daily Advertiser. 

In her new role, she will manage a sales team of 16 and will have responsibility for building relationships and helping to optimise marketing strategies for local businesses and key community organisations in the Ballarat and Hepburn Shire areas.

“I was ready for the next step in my career and this role combines my love of words with the sales and marketing side of the business that I enjoy, it’s a melding of the two worlds.”

Ms Obst, who grew up in Orange, initially studied journalism and communications at The University of Canberra. She worked briefly as a journalist in Henty, NSW, and also in classifieds at the Southern Weekly in Wagga. She said the experience has been invaluable and it has given her a depth of understanding about all aspects of the business.

Ms Obst moved down in April with her seven-year-old daughter, Anna, and partner Tom Morrison, who is originally from Ballarat.

She said she is looking forward to getting involved with the community and is very much enjoying being able to get out and about.

 “It’s wonderful being able to walk everywhere and explore," she said.

Elena Obst

Elena Obst