Severe weather warning issued for Ballarat

Extreme winds are going to hit the Ballarat area this afternoon as a bitter cold front brings arctic conditions to the region.

A severe weather warning has been issued for areas slightly north of Ballarat, although the city is also expected to cop the full force of the nasty weather.

Winds averaging 60-70km/h are expected to hit the area this afternoon, with gusts of 110km/h even possible.

The coastal areas are expected to receive similar winds on Friday.

It is also a bleak outlook for the weekend in Ballarat, with the wintry blast set to get even more severe.

The mercury is not expected to reach double digits on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

A maximum of just eight degrees is forecast on Saturday, making the idea of outdoor sport throughout the region bring an instant chill to the bone.

There is not yet an official forecast of snow for the area.