‘Same old story’ for Sovereigns’ championship side, 19s impress

For Sovereigns’ championship division side, the fluctuations within matches continued on Wednesday as it slumped to its ninth straight defeat to start the Victorian Netball League season.

The clash with Southern Saints presented as a winnable match given the Saints had only one win for the season prior to the encounter, but it was the lapses that led to the 64-47 loss.

Selkirk Sovereigns started extremely well, but then conceded nine unanswered goals to trail by six goals at the first change. Then an eight-goal run undid some of its good work at the end of the third term.

Coach Guy Keane said once again there were positive stages, but overall the periods where the game slipped out of their grip were not acceptable.

He said it was a balancing act when it came to the feedback he gives his young group, but they must be held accountable.

“We were in the game for 45 minutes...we showed positive signs of what we can do, but it’s that same story of stretching out the consistency. It was a bit of the same old, same old, but not quite to the same degree.

“You’ve got to make them accountable. They’re smart athletes, they know what they put out in that time period wasn‘t what we want to do, but there does come a point where we can talk about it as much as we like, but it’s up to you guys to actually go out and do it.

“You’ve got to celebrate the mini wins and talk about what we did really well and hopefully with that positive feedback they’ll keep doing that out on court.”

Meanwhile the 19/under side won its third game for the season, defeating Saints 53-46.

19/under star Ashlee Smith

19/under star Ashlee Smith

Keane, who sat in on the 19s bench, was impressed with the youngsters ability to soak in the feedback and deliver upon the message.

“It was pleasing, from a coach point of view, that they listened to the feedback and went out and implemented it. 

“That’s all you can ask for as a coach...when you do respond to that feedback then sometimes you might be successful.”

The division one side suffered a disappointing four-goal loss.