Fevola playing one-off games elsewhere part ‘of his deal’: Melton South

Melton South has no issue with star player Brendan Fevola playing a one-off match for Ardmona following Thursday night’s Footy Show.

Fevola is a panelist on the AFL Footy Show and one of the shows segments sees local football clubs have a chance to spin the wheel in order to win a cash prize - on this occasion the spin led to a one-off game from Fevola. 

The news comes in the same week that Melton South sacked its coach and Fevola take a step back in his role as co-coach, now an assistant coach. 

Stand-in president Matt Collins said the club was well aware that Fevola would play a one-off match at some stage of the year with another club.

“We’re well aware of it, we knew that he had this with the Footy Show,” Collins said.

“We have no issue with him playing it, we knew this was the case very early on in the season. He tends to play couple of games for other clubs, that’s all part of his deal.”

The match is expected to be in late-June, Fevola recovering from an Achilles injury.

MARQUEE MAN: Melton South playing-assistant coach Brendan Fevola.

MARQUEE MAN: Melton South playing-assistant coach Brendan Fevola.