Vikings move into outright second on the table after key win

Sebastopol Vikings moved into outright second on the FFV state league three north-west ladder after defeating fellow top two contender Strathmore 2-1.

Strathmore scored after two minutes, but Kuanyjal Tuany answered with a volley at the four-minute mark, Simo Mitrovic then gave his side the lead 20 minutes later.

The three points will be crucial to the make-up of the ladder, while co-captain Pietro Angeli said the side lifted for the occasion after a couple of weeks where it had not played its best soccer.

“The team we played yesterday, we wouldn’t have got away with a lesser performance,” Angeli said.

“We needed to bring more to the table – and we did.

“Even though we might not be playing our best football, we’ve found a way to win in many cases.

Pietro Angeli

Pietro Angeli

“Certainly pleasing given the last few weeks haven’t been our best, but then this weekend when we needed to bring it all, we had that in the tank.”

Angeli said the group discussed the importance of the match during the week and the great opportunity that presents itself with yet another chance at promotion.

“We talked during the week about how this is an opportunity to do something that is quite rare.

“We got promoted last year and we have an opportunity (to be promoted) again, we understood the gravity of it without stressing ourselves out.”