Darley ruckman Abe Kur cops two-week ban for kicking but faces life ban, Heath Scotland reprimanded

Darley premier ruckman Abe Kur
Darley premier ruckman Abe Kur

Darley ruckman Abe Kur is appealing a two-match suspension in a bid to avoid an AFL Victoria life-time ban from the game.

The Devils are waiting on AFL Victoria to set a date for the hearing.

Darley acting president Mark Shelly confirmed the club had lodged the appeal on behalf of Kur.

An AFL Goldfields tribunal sitting at Melton on Monday night handed down the suspension after finding Kur guilty of kneeing during a post-match on-field altercation in the Ballarat Football League at Darley Park on Saturday, June 30.

The sentence takes his total number of suspensions to 16 matches since attaining the age of 16 years - the number of games at which under AFL Victoria rules a player “shall be automatically deregistered and not allowed further registration with the same or another club or league”.

The charge came out of a BFL investigation in the incident which took place after the final siren of the senior match between Darley and North Ballarat City.

The tribunal also issued reprimands to Kur and Darley coach Heath Scotland for having been involved in and engaging in a melee – charges also laid as part of the investigation.

The BFL announced the findings of the investigation and tribunal hearings on Wednesday.

BFL operations manager Shane Anwyl said the investigation had been completed and all related issues dealt with. 

“It’s over and done with,” he said.

He said the BFL had been keen to deal with the matter as quickly as possible – the reason behind having the charges against Kur and Scotland heard on Monday.

Anwyl said Darley’s action immediately after the incident to suspend its president and ban three spectators (none were club members) from club games and functions had been endorsed.

He said the BFL board of directors had also put in place sanctions against the Darley club, including imposing life bans on four spectators – none of whom were Devils members.

The BFL is expected to announce the full outcome of the investigation later on Wednesday.

Darley expects to release a formal statement in response to the investigation on Thursday, but at this point has posted this update for its members.