Emergency services vow to crack down on drivers who continue to disobey law

Ballarat City Fire Brigade station officer Bohden Jose.
Ballarat City Fire Brigade station officer Bohden Jose.

Drivers flouting laws which make them slow down to 40km/h when an emergency vehicle has its lights flashing can expect fines of $282 if they fail to obey.

The state government introduced the law in July last year that road users needed to slow down to 40km/h when driving past stationary or slow-moving emergency vehicles with flashing red, blue or magenta lights or sounding an alarm.

The laws mean that at any flashing light - be it at an accident scene or even a breath test - you must slow down.

But drivers have failed to abide by it, with police now ready to crackdown more in future cases.

Moorabool’s local area commander Brendon McCrory, who attended an incident on the Midland Highway at Meredith on Tuesday said most drivers were simply unaware of the law.

“Road policing command are doing a lot of work but it’s going to take time,” he said.

“(Tuesday) I was satisfied with passing motorists as it was an off-road accident and it gave us a chance to have safe zones but in other areas it can be a very dangerous environment.”

Ambulance Victoria Grampians Regional Director Chris James said the law was designed to allow as safe access possible as for its members.

“Providing the best care for our patients, as well as the safest possible workplace for our staff, are both top priorities for Ambulance Victoria,” Mr James said.

“We’ve worked closely with other agencies to develop the 40 km/h speed limit restriction when vehicles are passing stationary emergency vehicles when lights are flashing.”