Ballarat magistrate warns young driver Kye Gaylor not to reoffend

Ballarat Law Courts
Ballarat Law Courts

A Ballarat magistrate has warned a young driver he will run out of chances if he continues to do the wrong thing behind the wheel.

Police first saw Kye Gaylor, 20, driving north along Sutton Street in Redan at 5.50pm on March 3. He turned right into Bell Street and sped off, screeching the vehicle’s tyres. 

He pulled into the Flying Horse Bistro where he and a passenger ran into the venue without locking the car or winding up the windows.

When police spoke to Gaylor, they found out his learner’s permit had expired, he was driving without L-plates and the passenger accompanying him was not licensed.

He underwent a preliminary breath test, which did not indicate he had been drinking alcohol, but a preliminary oral fluid test detected a prescribed illicit drug.

The Forensic Institute of Medicine later confirmed Gaylor had used methylamphetamine and another illicit drug, and he made full admissions to using the drugs to police.

Gaylor pleaded guilty at the Ballarat Magistrates Court on Thursday to five charges, including drug-driving, unlicensed driving, failing to display L-plates and failing to secure vehicle.

The court was told the soon-to-be-concreter had just overcome a drug addiction but had relapsed when he was caught drug-driving.

Gaylor’s lawyer said his client experienced anxiety due to childhood stresses and trauma but he had family support. He urged the court to convict and fine Gaylor.

But magistrate Gregory Robinson said Gaylor had not paid a $2000 fine the court imposed last year for driving offences, including fraudulently using number plates and using an unregistered vehicle.

He said he would not move down to an adjourned undertaking as suggested by the Ballarat defence lawyer.

Mr Robinson sentenced Gaylor to a 12-month Community Corrections Order with 75 hours of unpaid community work.

He was banned from driving for the next three months.

“You will run out of chances if you keep coming back to court on driving and drug charges,” Mr Robinson said.

“Don’t push it Mr Gaylor.”