Callum Linnane stars in The Australian Ballet’s Giselle.

An up-and-coming ballet dancer is ready to take the lead in a major production of a ‘universal love story’. 

Ballarat-born Callum Linnane will take the role of Albrecht in The Australian Ballet’s new staging of Giselle, set to open in Melbourne on August 30. 

The ballet follows the blossoming love between a peasant girl and a duke, in supernatural circumstances. 

The 23-year-old said it “feels very special” to be selected for the role, chosen by producer and famed dancer Maina Gielgud.

“To go through the process, all the rehearsals and developing the role with her, really does mean a lot,” Mr Linnane said. “She’s just a huge wealth of knowledge.”

“What’s special about this ballet is its story. For such an old ballet, created in the 1800s … it’s a very human love story which is so easy to connect with."

It’s another bright spot in the young dancer’s career, having already clinched the prestigious $20,000 Telstra Ballet Dancer Award at the Sydney Opera House in 2016.

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