Dog savages woman in Golden Point

JUST days after a legal challenge regarding a Ballarat pit bull was deferred, a Golden Point woman has been attacked by a dangerous dog which police said was “of the pit bull variety”.Police were already in the Golden Point area when they were called to a home about 3pm yesterday, where a woman’s hand was savaged after trying to break up a fight between her Staffordshire terrier and another dog.Constable Steve Oliver said the other dog was “a dangerous dog, of the pit bull variety”, but could not identify the exact breed.The fight occurred after friends brought around their “pit bull variety” dog, and was said to be over another female dog who was also at the premises.The 36-year-old woman suffered multiple deep lacerations to one of her hands, and was taken to Ballarat Health Services Base Hospital by ambulance in a stable condition.Constable Oliver said the two dogs had been kept separate prior to the attack – one inside and one outside – but one of the dogs opened the sliding door and went outside.The woman tried to break up the fight but was attacked in the process.She managed to get her hand free before police used capsicum spray to apprehend the dogs.The “pit bull variety” dog was known to her prior to the attack. Her Staffordshire terrier was also injured, suffering a mauled paw.“You can see how little kids can get badly injured in situations like this,” Constable Oliver said.“It’s extremely important that people are vigilant around dogs.“Most of those varieties are very friendly towards people, but every dog is different.”Constable Oliver said police would advise the City of Ballarat about the incident and where the dog is located, but it is unknown yet whether or not it will be impounded.The Courier made several attempts to contact council yesterday, but calls were not returned.This comes after Ballarat pit bull terrier owners David and Megan Thurston in October launched a legal challenge against the City of Ballarat, who seized their dog, Butch, earlier this year.Council seized the dog just hours after the amnesty for dog owners to register restricted breeds came to a close. The case was deferred for mediation next year.In August, Ballarat police were also forced to use capsicum spray to subdue a large pit bull which was mauling an elderly woman’s dog on Chisholm Street.