Esperantists to visit Ballarat

VICTORIAN Esperantists will be visiting Ballarat this Sunday celebrating the 125th anniversary of the language.

The simple language was created by Dr Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof in the late 19th century as a way of breaking language and cultural barriers. It can be learnt in less than one year.

About one dozen Esperantists are expected to visit Ballarat to see the city’s historical venues, the botanical gardens and the art gallery.

It is estimated that 50 to 60 people in Victoria can speak the language.

The Victorian Federation of Esperanto public relations officer, Ivan Heldzingen, who has been speaking Esperanto for more than 50 years, is looking forward to the weekend.

“It will be a great event for Esperantists to catch up and speak the language that brought us together,” he said.

The Annual World Congress of Esperanto will be held in July this year in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mr Heldzingen hopes to attend.