Breaking the boundaries in arts education

A visit to the LCI campus in Melbourne's cool suburb of Collingwood is an inspirational journey that fuses the city's past and future, as creative students in the fields of art and design innovate meaningful works across fashion, visual arts, graphics, interior design, photography and digital design to name a few. There is an air of joy - these students are not only having fun, they have a sense of purpose; doing something they love with a focus towards meaningful careers.

LCI Melbourne graduates are 'thinkers' and 'makers' who can fully customise their degree. Students today are responding to what they see as an homogenised world of sameness and are seeking out personalisation in every aspect of their lives, including education.

There is an air of joy - these students are not only having fun, they have a sense of purpose

LCI students experience a global design education that is bespoke and enables creative exploration in ways that resonate with the goals of each individual student, delivered through conceptual experimentation informed by global context and entrepreneurial thinking.

Imagine having the opportunity to collaborate with creative like-minds in Barcelona, Vancouver, Montreal or even Marrakech. That's a reality at LCI, with its 23 global campuses. The Bachelor of Design Arts is a multi-disciplinary degree that propels students to discover their creative potential through innovative solutions to globally relevant design challenges. At LCI students have control of their creative future by customising their degree as they progress.

Throughout the campus are expressions of 'Play with Purpose'; studios are full of cross-disciplinary projects, where mentors (aka teachers) are just as likely to be giving students insights into their own creative practices as discussing emerging social shifts, and design innovations are being applied in the learning within weeks, not years, of their release. LCI's academics are practicing professionals in art and design, and classes are intimate, so mentors know the names of their students, and the students know each other.

Students are creatives, craftspeople, artists and makers. They explore fine art, design and technology and can think and create in ways from the transcendent to the downright practical. They score great jobs across the breadth of Australia's art, design, creative industries and beyond.