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Hundreds of schools, businesses and community groups are set to break down barriers and celebrate inclusivity on International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD). This United Nations sanctioned day is held each year on December 3.

"It is a day that aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate their achievements," said an IDPwD spokesperson.

"The Australian Government has been supporting IDPwD since 1996 and the celebrating of this event is a collaborative effort between schools, organisations, community groups, businesses and individuals who host a range of events to help break down barriers and celebrate an inclusive society for all. It is important we work to ensure everyday inclusion for the 4.3 million Australians living with disability.

"Together we can start a conversation about the issues experienced by people with disability to help to make our community more inclusive. If you are looking to hold an IDPwD event, it should involve and celebrate people with disability and be held on or around December 3."

The IDPwD website has a number of ideas of the type of events that can be held from sausage sizzles and sports days, to fêtes and film festivals.

"Every event helps to break down barriers for the millions of Australians with a disability and create a more inclusive community for all," said the spokesperson. "By coming together to celebrate IDPwD, your school or community group can help grow inclusion in the community. You can learn about people with disability, recognise the challenges they face, and talk about ways to be more inclusive.

"IDPwD also provides an opportunity for schools and groups to celebrate the talents, achievements and positive contributions of people with disability. Thousands of community organisations have held IDPwD registered events across Australia since its inception in 1992."

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Implexa is a dynamic team of paediatric allied health professionals including speech pathologists, occupational therapists and behavioural therapists. Staff are passionate about delivering innovative, fun and high-quality care.

Implexa started in 2016 with directors Tamara Wighton and Lorelei Wright driven to set up a multidisciplinary allied health service within the Ballarat region with the aim of providing high quality, engaging and evidence-based intervention.

Having worked in the allied health industry, Tamara and Lorelei wanted to bring fun, innovative and diverse programs to the Ballarat community, such as the Peers Program, Minecraft Social Skills Program and Control Your Emotions term programs.

Implexa runs after-school programs throughout the school terms to cater for a range of needs, ages and diagnosis. The groups are tailored to meet the interests of our children and teens that attend such as science, art and craft and cooking.

Implexa is proud to be one of the only suppliers of sensory items within Ballarat and stocks a wide variety to meet the sensory needs of clients. Sensory items cover categories such as oral motor, tactile and fidget, fine and gross motor, balance, movement and auditory.

The team is trained to identify a client's needs, make recommendations and incorporate their sensory preferences into therapy.

There are many benefits to including sensory items into therapy as well as in the home or education setting. These include reduced anxiety, increased focus, supports language development, develops fine and gross motor skills and decreases behaviours of concern.

Implexa has a strong passion for honest, collaborative and outcome driven interventions that includes a holistic approach to therapy. Their unique approach has proven successful from humble beginnings of a one room office to now offering services across a number of clinics in Victoria.

The team believe every child has the right to reach their full potential and Implexa and its staff are driven to achieve this.

For more information about Implexa and the services and sensory products, visit