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Caring service for Ballarat

GENUINE EMPATHY: Harrison Funerals provides emotional support to Ballarat families, during some of their toughest times. Photo: Supplied.

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Harrison Funerals provides a full service funeral home to families experiencing loss and bereavement in the Ballarat region.

After acquiring the charming Prince Regent Hotel in 2005 and transforming it into what it is today, as Prince Regent House, Harrison Funerals began supporting the Ballarat community, during some of their families' most difficult times.

The death of a loved one is something we all deal with at some stage, but grief is still one of the most misunderstood human emotions. It takes great empathy and understanding to provide support to those experiencing grief, and Harrison Funerals are highly experienced in this.

"We see all funerals as a final celebration of life and believe everyone has a story to tell. We like to give everyone the opportunity to fulfil their loved one's wishes and their own.

"If people are in a heightened state we make sure that we are here to guide and support them during this difficult time, whether it be an ear for listening or grief guidance, rest assured we are here to help," said funeral director David Franzo.

Most people only ever plan two funerals in their life, so the process can initially feel overwhelming. Harrison Funerals seeks to remove the frustration from the planning process by providing advice and resources on every element of end of life affairs.

COMFORTING: An authentic funeral can serve as a comforting reminder of the values, personality and lifestyle of the departed. Photo: Supplied.

They can assist with all details, from the venue, to the cask selection, to dealing with coroners. Their dedicated funeral directors are available to families 24/7, providing advice and emotional support.

Harrison Funerals are passionate about educating the community on the value of a funeral. While it might feel like an overwhelming duty during an immensely heavy time, funerals provide many opportunities for mourners. They provide a chance to reflect upon the life that was lived, celebrate achievements and to bring mourners together to support one another.

"To create a more personalised service for a family's loved one, we give an opportunity for those left behind to embrace the life lived and celebrate in the joyful moments the individual had experienced.

"Options are an open book for us. If a family wants to have their loved one in a coffin designed from their own art, we can do it. If they wish to have an outdoor service, no problem, we will work with them and go searching for the ideal location. If they would like to have a theme based service where everyone gets dressed up, we will do whatever we can to make this happen.

"Most of all, we want our families to have a comfortable and personal experience with us here at Harrison funerals, where we consider you as part of our own family," said Mr Franzo.

Modern funerals are especially symbolic of individual lives, with funeral directors encouraging families to consider alternative venues of increased value to the departed.

Requesting particular colours are worn, holding themed services or getting creative with catering and decorations all contribute to creating a truly unique service.

"We understand the importance of celebrating a loved one's life with a personalised and meaningful farewell. We make sure the cultures and beliefs of the families we serve are reflected in the service.

"Our compassion and drive to fulfil all we can for our families is what makes us unique," said Mr Franzo.