Anyone is free to join a political party

I WRITE to express my concern at the paranoia of The Courier re political parties and the recent Ballarat City Council elections. For goodness sake does The Courier want anybody to stand for council? 

It would appear not.

In respect to the very young recently-elected Cr Amy Johnson your columns and indeed your editorials are almost on the verge of bullying. To quote your editorial of November 1, 2012 "Yesterday, The Courier forced Ms Johnson to show her hand". This is poor journalism to say the least.

Any member of our community has the choice to support or indeed join any political party (or even a religion) and just because Ms Johnson has decided to join the Liberal Party it would appear to be a great sin.

I know that she will be most welcome to join the ranks of the Liberals and no doubt will become a great member in the future.

As for the Liberal Party funding council candidates at election time I can assure you from experience that I, (as a member of the Liberal party for several decades,) did not receive one cent from the party for my council election campaign.

However, I did receive much support when I stood for election and indeed re-election to state parliament.

I thank all candidates who stood in the three wards and congratulate the newly-elected councillors on their recent success.




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