Consumers are the carbon tax bunnies

What a farcical statement I heard on the radio on Wednesday evening, along the lines that the majority of businesses were now comfortable with the carbon tax, its implications and implementation.

Why wouldn't they be, as they have only to pass the costs on down the line to the consumer - the bunnies at the end of the line who always get to pay the final account.

I really don't think that Australians have a true grasp of what the eventual costs will be as it eats away at savings and adds to the cost of living, the cost of everything.

It is hard to know who or what to believe and I have no reason to doubt the source, but as an example, on Saturday I purchased some concrete-making materials from my local supplier.  The last time I purchased it, the cost had just risen from $45 to $55 per cubic metre, well before the tax on carbon. On Saturday, the cost had jumped to $70m, according to the vendor, as a result of the carbon tax on the mining and transport of these materials.

Bit by bit it will get you, and all to no avail. Wake up Australia to another huge government legislated rip off.




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