Live export trade akin to history of slavery

We live in a democracy. This means that whatever the government sanctions is done in the name of its citizens. We citizens are responsible for the actions of our government.

The live animal export trade is fraught with unacceptable risk and cruelty for Australian animals and the atrocities recently seen in Pakistan and Indonesia are inevitable consequences of this trade.

There can be no justification for it - economic or otherwise. But, this trade will continue until the Australian people make their feelings known and the issue is raised again and again in the parliament - until political parties realise that they will pay a price at the ballot box -

and those involved in the live trade industry are sued under animal welfare legislation.

The issue of live animal trade is akin to the history of slavery and the people-led action to ban it.

Are ordinary Australian citizens ready to challenge the assumption that it is normal and acceptable to brutalise sheep and cattle in the export trade of live animals?




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